2017 The High Cost of Scotland's Bargain Buy Sugar Habit

10 August 2017

Obesity Action Scotland supports today's announcement from Cancer Research UK concerning the high price of Scotland’s 110 tonne a day bargain buy sugar habit.

It is sobering to learn that price promotions are luring Scots to consume so much sugary junk food every day. These foods may have immediate appeal through their marketing and prominence in stores and shops, but they have little nutritional value and plenty of calories. As 65% of Scots are overweight or obese, any action to improve our diets is urgently needed.

Obesity Action Scotland is calling for the Scottish Government’s wide-ranging, comprehensive strategy to improve the country’s diet and tackle obesity, to include effective measures that curb price promotions on unhealthy foods.

The strategy should also include actions for the retail and out of home sector that:

  • Restrict advertising and sponsorship associated with unhealthy food
  • Regulate portion sizes
  • Support the Soft Drinks Industry Levy to be implemented and monitored
  • Support the UK reformulation programme

These are measures that, if implemented as a programme, are most likely to reduce the level of obesity in our country. 

Obesity is a limiting condition that disables a large proportion of our population and raises the risk of cancer and a range of other serious conditions.