Eating Not Feeding: Transforming School Meals

24 April 2017

Are the local government election candidates in your area supporting our campaign to transform school meals from a feeding culture to an eating culture?

On Thursday 20th April 2017 Obesity Action Scotland asked local government election candidates to make a commitment to our four recommendations on school meals

1. Use unprocessed or minimally processed foods wherever possible
2. Prioritise vegetables, soup and salad over puddings
3. Reduce free sugar content towards Scottish Dietary Goals
4. Create a positive physical and social environment for school meals

We have sent a copy of our report to each candidate in Scotland and many of them have started to pledge their support to our #eatingnotfeeding campaign. Have the candidates in your local area?

Two thirds of primary school pupils in Scotland eat school meals. School meals provide a unique opportunity to drive the dietary change we need to see in Scotland and act as an exemplar for healthy eating. 
Obesity affects one in every four adults and almost one in five children in Scotland. People of normal weight are now in the minority and poor diet is a key driver of this. 

Launched on Thursday 20th April, our report found that the school dining experience varies dramatically across Scotland and Obesity Action Scotland is seeking change to ensure no school or child is left behind. All too often children are offered puddings high in sugar and menus regularly offer processed foods. We found that Scottish primary schools serve puddings more often than soup and these puddings have an average of 14g of sugar.

“We are calling on local government election candidates to commit to transform school meals across Scotland to ensure children have a healthy and happy experience with food. We would urge members of the public to ask their candidates if they have pledged to support our campaign” said Lorraine Tulloch, Programme Lead of Obesity Action Scotland, “Change is possible and we are calling for greater priority and attention to school meals to ensure we offer all our children the best start in life.”

The following representatives are available for telephone interview
• Lorraine Tulloch, Programme Lead, Obesity Action Scotland 
• Dr Anna Strachan, Policy Officer, Obesity Action Scotland 

Please contact Lorraine Tulloch on 07469 238922 or to arrange an interview.

Download the full School Meals Report

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