The Scottish Government has committed to a new Diet and Obesity Strategy in 2017 with a consultation due in the coming months. We must ensure that the consultation and final strategy includes bold and ambitious action to change the food environment around us. 

Our current food environment surrounds us with price promotions, marketing and the bargain of a bigger portion size, all of which push us towards unhealthy food choices.

Tackling those issues is important and urgent first steps in changing the balance of food that goes into our shopping baskets.

Obesity Action Scotland is calling on Scottish Government to take the following action:

  1. Regulation to tackle price promotions on unhealthy foods
  2. Restricting advertising and sponsorship associated with unhealthy food
  3. Regulations to control portion size
  4. Support for the Soft Drinks Industry Levy to be implemented and monitored
  5. Support for the UK reformulation programme to be implemented and extended

But this will only be the start. 

Tackling obesity requires more than one or two individual measures. A whole package of systemic change is required.