Nasty Nudge

The Scottish Government committed to the introduction of legislation restricting promotions of products high in fat, sugar and/or salt (also called discretionary). Discretionary food and drink are products that we do not need in our diet, for example sugary drinks, crisps or confectionery. We know that in Scotland we consume too many discretionary products.

We therefore conducted a survey to see how unhealthy food and drink are promoted in Scotland.  We analysed in-store promotions in four Glasgow grocery stores and found that 40% of food and drink sold on promotion was unhealthy. The survey included both price promotions and non-monetary promotions.

The survey found that:

Obesity Action Scotland call on the Scottish Government to introduce comprehensive restrictions on the promotion of discretionary food and drink. The more comprehensive the restrictions, the bigger the potential improvement of the population’s diet and health.


In-store survey of food and drink promotions

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