Public Support for Restricting Junk Food Adverts

A summary of the findings of our recent public polling

What weight management services are available in Glasgow?

Lorna Forde explains the tiered approach to weight management services in Glasgow.

The importance of preventing obesity in the first place

Many surgical procedures taking place today would not be necessary if patients maintained a healthy weight. Plus, obesity adds an extra complication to any surgical procedure.

The problem with advertising and marketing.

Why we must tackle the advertising and marketing of unhealthy food.

How should a GP raise the issue of overweight with their patients?

Dr Blane explores the sensitivity required when raising the issue of obesity with your patients.

Why is BMI still the most effective measure of overweight and obesity?

It receives a lot of criticism, but Dr Logue explains why calculating your Body Mass Index (BMI) is still the most effective measure of overweight and obesity.

Tackling Price Promotion

Why we must be protected from price promotions on unhealthy food and drink.

How can GPs help patients with obesity?

Seeing almost everyone on their list within a five years, GPs are uniquely placed to support the community.

Tackling obesity inequalities

Obesity is an inequalities issue, explains Dr Fraser.

Why is obesity a public health crisis?

Obesity as a condition is related to a large number of other serious diseases.

Complications of obesity

The challenges a patient with obesity presents to the anaesthetist.

Just how comfortable are GPs in offering weight advice to patients?

Overcoming some of the difficulties GPs may face when broaching the sensitive topic of patient weight.

Improving obesity prevention in Scotland

With two thirds of the Scottish population already overweight or obese we need stronger measures to tackle this crisis.

Getting help to lose weight

Lorna Forde advises of the different actions you can take to get some help to lose weight.

What needs to be included in the forthcoming diet and obesity strategy?

Lorraine Tulloch, Programme Lead here at Obesity Action Scotland explains what actions need to be included in Scotland's imminent Diet and Obesity Strategy.

Why should we eat less sugar?

We should be aiming for less than five teaspoons of sugar a day according to SACN, Public Health England, WHO, the BMA and the Faculty of Public Health.

How to improve obesity services in Scotland

Increasing the budget for obesity, ensure its continuity and make these services available and accessible to everyone who needs them.

Diet or physical activity? Which is more important?

The experts agree! Diet is key, but physical activity is still important. Dr Fraser, Prof Capewell, Dr Blane

How to keep your family healthy?

The importance of forward planning, sharing mealtimes and familiarising ourselves with food labels is emphasised by Dr Jennifer Logue

How can obesity complicate a surgical procedure?

Obesity causes a range of complications when it comes to surgical procedures - from going under to prolonging your recovery. Dr Varveris explores this impact.

Which is best? Regulated or Voluntary?

Have voluntary approaches ever been successful or is a regulated approach the way to go? Contributions from: Dr Fraser and Prof Simon Capewell

How does obesity impact on a GP's work?

Dr David Blane explains how obesity can complicate the work of a GP. The range of health issues associated with obesity is alarming.

What are the main causes of ill health and mortality in Scotland and the UK?

Prof Simon Capewell explains the burden of disease.

Why did the policies introduced in 2010 fail to have an impact?

The Obesity Route Map, launched in 2010 has made little impact on the nation's weight. Lorraine Tulloch explains what needs to be done next.

Why do we have an obesity crisis?

Dr Andrew Fraser is Director of Public Health Science at NHS Health Scotland and also our chair here at Obesity Action Scotland. Dr Fraser discusses the reasons for our current crisis.

Going under with obesity. What are the impacts for the Anaesthetist?

Having a general anaesthetic has its risks. Obesity compounds this risk. Find out from Consultant Anaesthetist Dr Daphne Varveris how much more complicated a surgical procedure can be.

Why do people put on weight?

Contributions from: Dr Jennifer Logue, Clinical Senior Lecturer and Honorary Consultant in Metabolic Medicine Lorna Forde of NHS Glasgow's Weight Management Service

How are people influenced by the obesogenic environment?

Dr Jennifer Logue an expert in Metabolic Medicine Lorna Forde the service lead of NHS GG&C Glasgow and Clyde Weight Management Service. Both consider the influence of this environment we call obesogenic.

How can we reverse the obesity epidemic?

Contributions from: Dr Andrew Fraser - Director of Public Health Science at NHS Health Scotland Professor Simon Capewell, Vice President for Policy at the UK Faculty of Public Health Lorna Forde, Service Lead at the Glasgow and Clyde Weight Management Service Lorraine Tulloch, Programme Lead at Obesity Action Scotland

Why we MUST tackle obesity

Dr Fraser explains why it is imperative we tackle obesity now.

Poor diet: what are the impacts?

Just how does a poor diet impact upon our health? Dr Jen Logue explores the problems.

What is Obesity Action Scotland and what do we do?

Programme Lead, Lorraine Tulloch, keeps us right.

Talking about Obesity and Cancer

What can a person do to reduce the risk of cancer?

How does obesity cause cancer?

Should we be scared of cancer?

Which cancers are linked to obesity?

Are there particular foods that protect us from cancer?

What are the complications of cancer treatment for people with obesity?

Can weight loss reduce the chances of getting cancer?

Why did Brazil need new dietary guidelines?

The experts describe the process of introducing new dietary guidelines in Brazil.

Why were the guidelines food and not science based?

Brazil's dietary guidelines are food based and do not rely on science. Looking at other arguments that transcend the food industry's point of view.

Scotland vs Brazil

Changing our perception of the role of food in our culture.


Nutritionists Against

How did they get nutritionists on board with the new guidelines?

Promotion of Guidelines

Steps taken to support the messages within the Brazil Dietary Guidelines.

Public Response to Guidelines

Let's make Scotland a Good Food Nation

The Scottish Food Coalition have produced this excellent video talking about how our food system is broken. We need you to tell the government what we really want, you have until the 29th of March to fill in the the Good Food Nation Consultation.