Our response to consultation on proposed Commissioner for Older People

Colin Smyth MSP is currently holding a consultation on his proposed Private Members Bill which outlines proposals for the creation of a Commissioner for Older People. 

The consultation details draft proposals for a bill to establish an independent commissioner to promote and safeguard the rights and interests of older people, arguing this is needed in light of Scotland's ageing population. 

In our response, we outline the currently high levels of obesity among those over 65 years old in Scotland, emphasising the need for the Commissioner to promote the physical health and wellbeing of older people. This includes recognising malnutrition in all its form, to mean overweight and obesity, as well as undernutrition, as outlined by the World Health Organisation and others, and also for the Commissioner to provide a coordination role to ensure the policies and strategies aimed at improving health and wellbeing outcomes for older people are coherent, don’t have any unintended consequences, and that decisions taken in one area don’t undermine or negatively impact decisions taken in another. 

The consultation deadline has been extended to 23rd October 2023 (was previously 12th September 2023).