Our response to Scottish Government consultation on National Good Food Nation Plan April 2024

The Scottish Government are consulting on the first version of the National Good Food Nation Plan for Scotland.

The consultation covers the content of the first national Good Food Nation Plan and asks for views on the national Good Food Nation Outcomes; ways of measuring progress; and how different groups envision life in a Good Food Nation.

This first national Good Food Nation Plan represents how the Scottish Government intends to use the powers and levers we do have to work collectively with people, communities, businesses, agencies and organisations to meet our Good Food Nation ambitions.

In our response, we comment on each on the Outcomes detailed within the Plan, and outline where we think they can updated and improved. We highlight the ways the Plan could be strengthened in future versions, including targets and indicators, and the need for better linkages to other policy areas and strategies to deliver a Good Food Nation for Scotland, in order to deliver healthy diet and weight outcomes for all. 

The consultation closes on 22nd April 2024.