Ordering Food Online - Factsheet - 2023

This factsheet explores the latest data and trends in the online food market in Scotland. In recent years it has become increasingly popular to order snacks and meals via online delivery platforms such as Just Eat, Uber Eats, and Deliveroo. We outline some of the latest evidence around why this has happened and what it might mean for dietary and public health outcomes.

Key insights:

  • The number of takeaway and delivery trips in Scotland increased by 93% between 2019 and 2021.


  • Between 2019 and 2021, the use of third party aggregator delivery apps (e.g. Just Eat) in Scotland increased considerably by 286%, while restaurant app usage grew by over 440%.


  • Research has shown that customers significantly underestimate the calorie content of takeaway meals. People might therefore be unknowingly overconsuming calories from food ordered online.


  • More research is needed to understand the impact of this phenomenon on public health. However, there are various measures which could be used in the short-term to improve the healthiness of the sector, including redefining healthy portion sizes available via delivery and incentivising outlets to offer more healthy options.