In-Store Survey of Food and Drink Promotions - A Report

Discretionary food and drink are products that we do not need in our diet. They tend to be high in calories and of low nutritional value, and when consumed regularly they can harm health in the long term. We know that in Scotland we consume too many discretionary products.

To explore the balance and extent of discretionary food and drink promotions in Scotland, a survey was conducted in four local supermarket stores in Glasgow.

Main findings:

1. In the four local grocery stores in Glasgow visited in January 2020, there were 2170 promotions including 1416 price promotions and 754 non-monetary promotions

2. Overall, 40% (869) of promotions were for discretionary food and drink and 60% (1301) was for other products

3. Techniques used most often to promote discretionary products were: meal deals (211), end of aisle displays (182), TPRs (164), and multibuys (151)

4. Three most extensively promoted discretionary categories were confectionery (35% of all discretionary products), soft drinks with added sugar (19%), and crisps (16%)