A Manifesto for Healthy Weight - our asks for Scottish MPs

We have joined forces with the Obesity Health Alliance to encourage action on healthy weight by Scottish MPs on reserved matters to Westminster.

Today, in partnership with the Obesity Health Alliance, we have published our Manifesto for Healthy Weight. 

The manifesto outlines our asks on healthy weight for Scottish MPs at Westminster. We have a huge opportunity to improve the UK’s health, tackle growing inequalities between our communities, enhance economic productivity and reduce long-term pressures on the NHS. We jointly call on all political parties to commit to taking bold, effective action to address the high levels of diet-related ill health in Scotland and the UK to transform our economy and society.

We are calling for action in 3 areas - prioritise children's health, build on what works, and support devolved action. Key actions in each of these areas include renewing the UK Government's existing commitment to halve childhood obesity, alongside tangible measures to achieve this; take an evidence informed approach to inform future policy decision-making; and support Scottish Government to deliver on commitments within their Diet and Healthy Weight Delivery Plan 2018.

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A Manifesto for Healthy Weight - May 2023