Public support for healthy weight policies

A summary of key findings from recent public polling (in August 2022) on support for healthy weight policies.

Key findings from the polling:

  • The vast majority of respondents (87%) supported interventions to ensure special offers and promotions are applied to healthy foods and everyday essentials when shopping in-store and online, while only 5% of respondents opposed such measures
  • More people were in favour of restricting price promotions of unhealthy foods in shops and online (57% supported, 26% opposed)
  • More people were in favour of measures to restrict where unhealthy foods can be displayed in stores (65% supported, 15% opposed)
  • 60% of respondents supported adding calorie information to menus when eating out, while only 20% opposed
  • Banning sponsorship of unhealthy food and drinks at sports events was supported by 59% of people,
    while 18% opposed
  • Banning adverts for unhealthy foods in outdoor spaces also saw higher support
    with 56% of respondents in favour compared to 19% opposed

Read the full polling results here.