*THE PLEDGE CAMPAIGN* Child healthy weight matters to me!

Every child in Scotland deserves the chance to live a healthy life which is supported by access to tasty, nutritious and sustainable food. It is key for them to enjoy childhood to the fullest and allow them to flourish in years to come. However, in Scotland, this is not the reality. Too many children face barriers created by the current food system which is harming their long-term health. We need urgent change, and our policymakers have the power to deliver it.

Obesity Action Scotland's The Pledge campaign is calling on all groups, organisations and individuals who are invested in children's health. We want you to sign up to the Pledge 'Child healthy weight matters to me' and help encourage our leaders to follow through on measures that will support healthy weight in children.

On this page you will find more information on why action is needed and what you can do to take part in this important campaign.



Policy Background


The Scottish Government's 2018 Diet and Healthy Weight Delivery Plan outlines important outcomes for children's health. It covers many drivers that affect children's weight, from early years environments and breastfeeding, to the marketing and promotion of unhealthy products. Overall, it's a great evidence-based blueprint that would create real change if implemented properly. But having a great strategy is only a great start. It is time for our politicians to be brave in the face of opposition, whether from political ideology or industry lobbying, and put in place these measures that will protect children and their long-term futures.



Social media

  • Support us online by downloading and using this social media toolkit. Use the images to tag other children's groups you work with to share the message!
  • Upload a picture of yourself and your team using our campaign photo templates (we can help you do this).
  • Don't forget to like and share other posts spreading the word by searching for the hashtags #HealthyWeightForAll and #MattersToMe.


Video message

Record yourself with a short message supporting the Pledge and share it online. We have specially-made plaques to hold that we can provide at in-person meet ups (get in touch via info@obesityactionscotland.org).


Promotions consultation response

One of the actions put forward in the Diet and Healthy Weight Delivery Plan was to consult on restricting promotions of unhealthy food and drink in retail settings. Although initial consultations have already taken place, a new one is expected in the coming months to iron out final details of the regulations. It's vital that these measures are evidence-based and thorough enough to have a positive impact on the diets of children and families. We would encourage all stakeholders invested in children's health to respond to this consultation and use our voices together. If you would like to respond but are unable to draft one yourself, please feel free to copy and paste Obesity Action Scotland's response which we will publish on our website before the consultation closes.

*Note - the consultation has not yet been opened but we will notify our audience when it is live.


Sign our joint letter (*Now closed*)

In the coming months, we will be drafting a joint-letter to relevant ministers within the Scottish Government. The letter will call for urgent implementation of policies within the Diet and Healthy Weight Delivery Plan, and underline the high-levels of support for action. This will be more effective if there is a wide range of signatories who are invested in children's health, so please consider supporting!

Thank you!