The Pledge Campaign - Joint letter to Scottish Government

26 March 2024
'Child healthy weight matters' is the clear message from over 50 MSPs, organisations, and professionals from across Scotland and the UK who are concerned with the lack of policy action to support healthy weight in children.

Over the past six months, our Pledge campaign has been raising awareness of the persistently low levels of healthy weight seen in Scotland's children. Through speaking with MSPs and engaging with a variety of stakeholders invested in children's health, we have demonstrated high levels of support for action from multiple sectors.

This work culminated in a joint letter which we have now sent to Scottish Government ministers for Public Health and Women’s Health, Jenni Minto MSP, and for Children, Young People and Keeping the Promise, Natalie Don MSP. The letter highlights Scotland's worrying statistics for overweight and obesity in children, why this matters for their future, and most importantly, how policymakers can help deliver change. The government can make a real impact by following through with its proposed evidence-based interventions and fully committing to putting children's health first.

We hope this letter is recognised both as an urgent call to action but also a positive show of solidarity towards those who can make a difference to Scotland's children. 

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